White Papers

 Tungsten Replicator internals, a technical deep dive
Excerpt: “The fundamental unit of information transfer in Tungsten Replicator is the transaction. Within most databases, the concept of a transaction is the update of one or more data objects in a manner that is considered to be consistent.”

 Real-time data loading into Hadoop
There are a number of different existing technologies that enable the dumping and loading of information between MySQL and Hadoop. Learn about these technologies, the pros and cons, and how to set up replication between MySQL and Hadoop using Continuent Tungsten.

 Understanding Tungsten Replicator commercial vs OSS differences
Differences exist between the commercial and open source (OSS) releases of Tungsten Replicator. Learn about out these differences, including the support for different database types (extraction and apply), and the support for advanced deployment techniques, such as data concentration and automatic heterogeneous schema translation.

 Competitive score card
Feature comparisons for Tungsten Replicator against other replication and real-time data loading solutions.