Tungsten Replicator is trusted by large and small enterprises, in industries ranging from E-commerce to Finance, all over the world. For a list of some of the companies using Tungsten Replicator, please visit Continuent Ltd.


“We are using Tungsten Replicator to replicate data from our Oracle RAC databases to edge MySQL databases. A single Oracle table can be routed to multiple MySQL master/slave setups, each supporting separate applications. Continuent Tungsten is allowing us to seamlessly and economically transition to a more diverse database portfolio. Continuent’s customer support has been outstanding. Their CTO has been personally involved in making sure we are using the product properly and has made sure that promised enhancements have been made in a timely manner. I have been very impressed with the engineers that we have been working with (they are extremely customer focused).”

Randy Rademan
Database Administrator


“We were a MySQL centric shop. Our customer-facing site, as well as our backend systems, was written on top of MySQL. But with the acquisition of Zappos by Amazon, who is very centric on Oracle, we had a lot of requirements to start moving real-time data from MySQL 5.1 to Oracle 11g. We really like Tungsten Replicator because of its straightforward installation, monitoring of replication, quick turn around by Continuent team on new filter request, and helpful consulting service.”

Lan Bakthavatsal
Manager, Database Systems